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The Malcolm Clark Band and Friends 2001
These pictures range from Sunbanks, WA to some private parties around Puget Sound, WA.


Sunbanks Blues Festival 2001 : The band is getting the once over by Junkyard Jane frontman, Billy Stoops.

Roasting to good music @ Sunbanks

Check out the stage after the big storm!

Sunbanks 2001

Sunbanks, the Oasis of Eastern Washington

Photo of Smokin' Joe Straight by Gerry Collin

Sunbanks 2001

Smokin' Joe @ Sunbanks 2001

Russ Camerer @ Sunbanks 2001

Tom 'Brooksy' Brooks @ Sunbanks 2001

Malcolm @ Sunbanks 2001

Hurricane Andrew Larson, Jack Kinney, Stickshift Annie Eastwood, Randy Oxford, Malcolm @ Jakes Ales, Fedral Way, WA. 2001

Malcolm stranded at Sunbanks, singing for his dinner.

Malcolm flashing back to the past. Photo by Gerry Collin

Ernie Perea burnin' it up! Photo by Gerry Collin

Ernie Perea layin' it on at the Cherry Boatworks party on the wata..

Mike 'Thumbs' Ernesti puttin' it down at Cottonwood Studios during our live CD, "Stories For The Blue"

Tom and Joe at Cottonwood Studios. We had to take short break when Joe found out that the studio didn't supply the beer.

Smokin' Joe and Terry Jae at Cherry Boatworks


Smokin' Joe, Bill King, Malcolm @ Conor Byrne, Ballard,WA

Malcolm Clark and Bill King at Cherry Boatworks.

Cherry Boatworks supplied the backdrop.

Bill King and Terry Jae Smokin' in the rhythm section at Cherry Boatworks. These dues know how to lay it down and keep it going.

Bill training his replacement

My good friend Chip

Malcolm, Joe and Tom at one of the campouts at Joe's house. We would spend days in the backyard writing and playing until Tom would just collapse.

Brooksy and Russ Camerer @ The Swiss, Tacoma,WA

The mysterious yet cool Smokin' Joe Straight

On the roof at Parker's in Gig Harbor, WA. Hundreds of feet in the air sending music across the ocean. You could actually hear the band in Hawaii.